About Socially High


It’s 1929…

Alcohol is illegal. You are going to New York and a friend has given you the location and code to enter a SpeakEasy.  You enter the dark, underground bar and approach the bartender and you say…
“Whatta ya got?”
“Give me a Whiskey.”

Flash Forward…

It’s been over 90 years since Prohibition was repealed in the US.

If you enter a bar today, its all about brand!!!

You can get the house whiskey, top-shelf bourbon, a locally distilled spirit and anything in between.

All indications show that cannabis prohibition is “changing”.  Over 20 states have approved marijuana for medical use and a couple of brave states have legalized cannabis outright. For more information about Cannabis business’s check out our Canna Bizzes page

What exactly is SociallyHigh.com?

SociallyHigh.com is where Cannabis Businesses promote their businesses and products and Cannabis enthusiasts comment on, recommend, and learn about cannabis, cannabizzes and lots of other cool things regarding the amazing Cannabis plant.


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