Canna Bizzes

  • Jack Herer Bud By Duhlicious Cannabis buds are some of the most unique things in the world. Every bud from every strain looks different. This Jack Herer strain was grown indoors under an LED and MH light system. Jack Herer Bud By Duhlicious
  • Jack Herer In Vegatative Growth By Duhlicious "Weed is a weed, its very resiliant" - unknown. A quote used by many growers in the Cannabis community. Cannabis grows like a weed, often times it will continue to live through many conditions and Cannabis can grow almost everywhere on the planet due to its addaptability. Jack Herer In Vegatative Growth By Duhlicious
  • Jack Herer In Vegatative Growth By Duhlicious As this Jack Herer starts to move into Flowering growth, its leaves will turn to a dark green. The buds will start to grow all ovet plant some time in the few few weeks. The plant will "Flower" without polination creating buds instead of flowers. Jack Herer In Vegatative Growth By Duhlicious
  • Cannabis Edibles Cannabis Edibles Smoking Cannabis is not the only way one can use THC to become intoxicated. Edibles com in all shapes in sizes (and even flavors!).
  • Cannabis Soda Cannabis Soda Cannabis edibles dont have to be a brownie or a cookie. They can be anything from soda's or juices, to taffy and olive.
  • Beautiful and one of kind Pieces Beautiful and one of kind Pieces Smoking cannabis the most popular way to consume THC. But many would not know that glass blowing pipes and bongs is a rapidly (but not legitimazined) art. This Recycler type bong is a specialy hand blown piece that would make any smoker want one.


From growers to glass blowers, Cannabis business is rapidly growing in today’s market. There are thousands of different uses for Cannabis that range from recreational-intoxication (smoking or eating) to clothing or even fuel. A Cannabis business does not have to be something that leads to intoxication and might not have anything to do with THC.

SociallyHigh brings a new way for Cannabis business’s or what we like to call “Canna bizz’ez” to connect with customers and other vendors. Many of these vendors are not well known, but create awesome products. Through socially high, new vendors can advertise there products and get highly valuable feedback from customers. Business can also partner with other business’s through socially high to get better exposure than every before in the world of Cannabis. The slide above shows some of the unique business arisen from Cannabis. Below is a list of some recommended business’s, vendors, and events.


paraphernaliaPeace of MindPeace of mind offers a variety of smoking pieces from pipes to
Coop/CollectiveWoodinville Quality CollectiveOffers a wide variety of oils and cannabis within a short drive from Woodinville
FestivalHempFestHempFest is a festival held in Seattle Washington that is all about hemp and cannabis. Visit hundreds of stands and learn about cannabis as a whole.
Medical outletThe Northwest Cannabis MarketThe NW Cannabis market is a medical outlet for cannabis patients; visit multiple stands and see a part of cannabis culture.


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