Dabbing and “the crack of weed”

Dabbing is a way/type of cannabis that is growing in popularity. Instead of smoking the flower (bud) of the plant, a concentrate is created using a variety of processes. The plant and most of the CBD’s are removed and whats left over is a concentrate form of THC. A few weeks ago I remember hearing on the news about dabbing; only they weren’t calling it “dabbing” or “hash oil” or any of the real names for it. They were calling it “the crack of weed”.


Calling hash oil “the crack of weed” puts all sorts of scary thoughts into anyone’s head; but hash oil isnt anything to feared. Concentrate forms of cannabis have been produced for thousands of years, but not smoked in the same way that dabbing is used today. The most common and most known form of THC concentrates is Hashish. Hashish is a dried up clump of THC that has been extracted by either shaking all of trichomes off the plant, or by chemical extraction using ethanol or hexane (or others). Hashish is burned onto of the cannabis being smoked making it potent.

BHOHashish is not “the crack of weed” the news was talking about however. They were talking about BHO (butane hash oil). BHO is a more concentrated form of Hashish reaching to THC contents up to 90%. Hashish only reaches about 70%. Smoking BHO by way of dabbing is just like smoking cannabis from a pipe, just a lot stronger. It is often used by medical patients who suffer from chronic joint pain because of its over the top strength. It helps numb the pain almost instantly. If you are new to smoking, stay away from dabbing for the time being but also don’t be afraid if one of your friends pulls out a blow torch. Dabbing is not “the crack of weed”, its just a way to get a cannabis high faster and stronger.


Dabbing is the crack of weed: MYTH

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