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Every family has a story that brings out a sense of pride.
Maybe it’s a story about a relative that was a famous actor, athlete or business person.
My story of family pride is about my grandfather – my dad’s dad, Grandpa Gene. Grandpa Gene was a no-nonsense, largely self-educated businessman—a plumber by trade who turned a small consulting firm into a nationally-known water-treatment design and construction company. Gene was tough. Even as an old man he had grit and strength. He was not a big man by height but he had arms like tree trunks and I suspect could separate your head from your shoulders if he got mad enough.
Gene was a young man in the late 1920’s living in Long Island, New York with his young wife and first child. He was a poor plumber. Times were hard and money was hard to come by, but Gene had a plumbing truck and the guts to stir up a little money on the side.
As the story goes, Gene and his brother Jack would run the plumbing truck up to Port Jefferson on the northwest coast of Long Island by night where they would meet up with a fishing boat in from Canada. Prohibition was the law of the land and you can bet Gene and Jack weren’t picking up a load of fish. No, they were running Canadian Whiskey into New York Speakeasies for some fast cash.
Grandpa Gene’s hooch running days ended when an Italian gang convinced my grandfather and great uncle (at gun-point) that bootlegging whiskey might be “hazardous to their health”.
Prohibition ended on December 5th, 1933 with the ratification of the 21st Amendment of the US Constitution which repealed the 18th Amendment.
Now we flash forward to 2014 and the prohibition of Marijuana. Amazingly we find 22 States legalizing cannabis for medical use and two brave states (Washington and Colorado) fully legalizing cannabis.
Cannabis is coming out of the dark corners and into the light of legitimacy.
As the grandson of a prohibition-era bootlegger, I am proud to welcome you to SociallyHigh.com.
Our goal is really simple:

Create a place where Cannabis Enthusiasts can connect, share, promote and engage with the very cool Companies that are bringing cannabis and cannabis products to this new legal market.

We are also super excited to share what we are learning about Cannabis through our

Myth vs Fact Blog
In the News Blog
Is this Cool or What?
Strain Your Brain Strain Database
Community Site

Mostly we’d Love to hear what you think!
Times are a changin’!

Enjoy and Connect with us at SociallyHigh.com!!

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