November Cannabis Laws

This election, three more states, one district and even a Federal Territory have passed laws regarding the legalization of cannabis. This was a big year for cannabis legalization starting with New York.

On the 14th of July Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Compassion care Act into law. This decriminalized the use and possession of cannabis in private, however this law is voided if the user is in public. Cannabis is still illegal in this state, but laws are much more relaxed.

On November 4th, Alaska, Oregon, Washington DC and Guam passed laws regarding cannabis. Alaska allows for both medicinal and recreational use, as well as growth and sale of the plant. Oregon now allows medicinal use only, and over the next two years laws regarding the sale, transportation, and cultivation of the plant will become more relaxed. The District of Columbia has legalized medicinal and recreational use and cultivation. Guam has also passed a law allowing for the medicinal use of cannabis.


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